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A reader question re compression and limiting on the master bus

If it makes you uncomfortable, do it ten times

It's not done until the artist is 100% happy

Steven Brust

In praise of crappy reverbs

Clipping / limiting / tape at the channel level

Instead of a clipper, try tape

Shave a little off at a time

Doing limiting in multiple processes

You can get there in time

Clearing the way for your next work

Vulnerability isn't always comfortable

Like schoolchildren fighting

I did too much

Stop, and start again

We're all just making this up as we go

Keep an eye on your stereo phase correlation

Patti Page

You're not too old to do this

Break your reverb up into component parts

Don't be precious about things — a reader response

Let the listener do some of the work

A two-step process for removing plugins

Working in non-native genres

Don't be precious about things

Find a way in

You should have a vocal master

Mouth-noise removal

Automate weird things

What could you improve?

Put in the extra work

Jamie's list: month 3

Reader strategies for humanizing drum programming

You can *add* noise to your recordings

Don't automatically edit audio tracks


Beware experts and expertise

You need an offline loudness-measuring utility

How to make VST drums sound more realistic

Rendering out virtual instruments

Nico's day-job transition story

Drum augmentation, part II

Drum augmentation

Tech day

Removing ego from my work

Problems first, creative work second

My day-job transition story

Day jobs: the argument for

Day jobs: the argument against

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Leaving things undone

Separating tasks into silos

How to help a muddy guitar sound — part V

Hide the medium


Am I polishing my work to the standards I wish to hold my work to?

Why am I doing this? A response.

A word on LUFS

Jamie's list, month 2: the state of the union is strong

The river

Change for change's sake

The Fermi principle

Why am I doing this?

A couple of acoustic guitar preamp questions

So, what led to the muddy guitar tone? An enquiry, part III

So, what led to the muddy guitar tone? An enquiry, part II

So, what led to the muddy guitar tone? An enquiry, part I

Get up and go to work

Reverb on your delay

EQing delays: two different approaches

How to help a muddy guitar sound — part IV

How to help a muddy guitar sound — part III

How to help a muddy guitar sound — part II

How to help a muddy guitar sound — part I

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Combine drum machines with live drums

Lo-fidelity as a virtue

Make presets of your idiosyncratic sounds

Embrace your idiosyncrasies

You can do this

Send an MP3 — but bounce a WAV

A good workflow for mixing someone else's song

Find the excitement

Listen on good speakers too, if you can

Listen to all the speakers

What's the pain frequency?

How to make a natural-sounding fade-out

You need a streaming subscription

Standardize your monitoring level, part III: switch it up

Standardize your monitoring level, part II: mastered loudness vs. mix loudness

Standardize your monitoring level

Keep it contained

Jamie's list is one month old!

Air, part II: the finishing touches

Where's the air? part I

Reset your ears

Using nudge to create energy and groove

Be a nudger

Give me a break

Find the dialog

The thing that's first is the thing you hear

Get emotionally involved

Some more of my favorite indie plugin developers

Pair a boost and a cut, part II: low frequencies

Pair a boost and a cut, part I: high frequencies

Set up your master bus before you hit play

First, the faders

Mix knobs in weird places

Bass-ic arithmetic

Indie plugin developers that I love (pt 1)

you can (and should!) use multiple compressors on the same thing

Regarding loudness

Sometimes the best EQ is a compressor

What's slowing you down?


24-bit exports vs 32-bit floating point exports: the case for 32-bit

Get the Plugin Alliance subscription

How to use a limiter on your master bus

Only change things that need it

Exporting a mix: 24-bit vs 32-bit float

Null test

Deck chairs on the Titanic

You need a versioning system

A neat little stereo widening trick

We're aiming for feel